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Unio Capital is an asset management firm—oriented to publicly-traded equities, global in scope, and equipped to manage hedged and long-only portfolios as funds and separately-managed accounts.

Raluca V. Alexander

Managing Director

Raluca V. Alexander

Managing Director

Portfolio Manager

Research Analyst

Ms. Alexander is responsible for research and portfolio management for the global equities portion of the portfolio. She also covers global macro trends and identifies areas of systemic risk to aid the firm's portfolio risk management efforts.

Ms. Alexander has over 20 years of industry experience. She began her career as a banker for Irving Trust and built on that experience at Manufacturers Hanover Trust, lending to governments and corporations in Europe. Ms. Alexander has an unusually strong grounding in credit and risk analysis. Her general training in global affairs and her strong language skills in French, Romanian, Spanish, Italian, with a working knowledge of Russian, led her naturally to the international side of banking.

Ms. Alexander attended Yale University where she received her BA in 1978, earning two majors, one in Economics and the other in Russian and East European Studies. She subsequently earned a Masters in International Finance at Columbia University in 1980 at the School of International and Public Affairs.

Key Responsibilities:

Portfolio Management (Global Equities)
Research (Global Equities)