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Unio Capital is an asset management firm—oriented to publicly-traded equities, global in scope, and equipped to manage hedged and long-only portfolios as funds and separately-managed accounts.


Investment Approach

UNIO CAPITAL's focus is on making money through investing in highly-liquid, publicly traded equities, while controlling risk absolutely and relatively, and connecting the money-making and risk control to a complete view of the world's macro forces.

The UNIO Investment Approach

UNIO grows capital and preserves capital appreciation in three ways:

  1. by owning cash-flow producing assets
  2. by protecting capital against downside risk
  3. by understanding the global and regional macro forces that impact the markets.

In addition, we use no leverage to enhance returns. This approach to our investments is distilled in the triangle diagram below:

unio triangle.PNG


Unio grows capital by owning a mosaic of quality, cash-flow producing, sensibly-priced securities of publicly-traded companies from anywhere in the world.

Capital protection

We hedge to protect gains and downside only — not to make money —  through broad, transparent market, industry and currency hedges that protect parts or all of the portfolio.

Macro understanding

We aim to grasp macro forces changing the world and understand how they connect to the money-making/security-selection and capital-protection/hedging sides of the triangle.


Investment Constants

  1. We use no leverage to enhance returns.
  2. We insist on a high-liquidity portfolio and liquid access to funds.

Integrated Thinking

At UNIO we are guided by the investment “triangle” and “constants” to produce value. But the key to our approach is an integrated mindset to investing in individual securities and hedging broader market risk.

The integrated way we select securities

  • A standardized, in-depth way of analyzing any security in any geography
  • Inclusion of judgment and unique insight into the process
  • Focus on quality investments that are understandable, sensibly priced, and have payoff potential
  • A portfolio structuring process that is highly diversified without sacrificing upside opportunity

The integrated way we hedge

  • By protecting capital — both downside and gains — against market or macro risk or both
  • By freeing up money-making/security-selection from short-term volatility in order to reap the rewards of staying invested
  • By understanding global and regional macro forces: economic & financial headwinds, political risk, innovation trends, and socio-cultural factors

Delivering value is not just about being good at security selection or good at portfolio protection or good at macro analysis. Our investment approach is premised on the idea that delivering value is about excelling at all three.