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Unio Capital is an asset management firm—oriented to publicly-traded equities, global in scope, and equipped to manage hedged and long-only portfolios as funds and separately-managed accounts.


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Unio's "In Perspective" short-form series covers the Unio team's views on topics ranging from investing to business to economics.  


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Dear Abe… Is Japan Migrating to a Better Place?

John Allison

A year ago, had you asked is Japan ever going to be more than a moribund economy and rudderless nation, a lengthening shadow of its former glory, I would have answered I don't see it.

Had you asked next so put some odds on your view I would have answered something like 10% odds Japan rises out of its Great National Slump, 90% it doesn't. A year ago.

Then late last fall, my view began changing. By New Year's 2013 it had really shifted. We found ourselves in the unaccustomed position of investing in Japan! And looking for more. For me, the odds were now greater than 50% that Japan would rise out of its Great National Slump.

What happened?

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Ben Bernanke: Clint Eastwood? Or the Ventriloquist's Puppet?

John Allison

Stand-up Mr. Chairman!

On June 19th, did the real Ben Bernanke stand up? At his now-famous press conference.

Where he said: the Fed's asset buying will begin winding down - probably starting this year; likely ending by mid-next year?

Where he forecast unemployment hitting the Fed's 6 ½-7% threshold by the end of 2014 - hedged with the usual qualifications.

Where he posited inflation turning up from about 1 ½% (currently) to a more-likely 2%.

Did the real Ben Bernanke says this?

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