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Unio Capital is an asset management firm—oriented to publicly-traded equities, global in scope, and equipped to manage hedged and long-only portfolios as funds and separately-managed accounts.


Firm Overview

Unio Capital is an asset management firm organized to grow capital through superior returns and to protect capital from downside risk through hedging. The world may serve up dislocation, smooth sailing, or a confusing mix of both. So be it. At Unio, we welcome and expect challenging times. They are the source of opportunity.

Grow Capital. Protect Capital. Reliably. Repeatably.


That's Unio Capital's six-word motto for a world we see alternating between continuity and discontinuity. Making that motto work requires an investment approach that can handle any market situation, and a culture of high-integrity, high-intelligence, "out-of-the silo" people who work in an integrated—Unio—way.


Unio's Key Strengths

Security Selection

Security selection must strike a fine balance between money-making opportunity and risk management. 

  • 30 years of investing and development
  • Global experience and reach
  • Standardized, in-depth processes—yet powered by judgement and insight
  • Proprietary portfolio structuring that increases opportunity even with ample diversification

Strategic Hedging

Hedging to control absolute portfolio risk regardless of market conditions

  • Hedging that is liquid and transparent
  • Hedging designed only to protect capital, not to make money

Macro Analysis

Macro skills to "see around the corners" of forces shaping the world’s future

  • Macro understanding of economic, financial, political, innovation, and socio-cultural forces
  • Macro analysis of global changes that are over the horizon


Operational excellence at every level — from investing to communication to administration

  • Operational effectiveness internally and externally that’s best-in-class
  • Operational capability that continuously improves


People of high integrity, high investment intelligence, and out-of-silo work ethic

  • Proven to be trustworthy
  • Proven to have high-bandwidth investment minds
  • Proven to work across boundaries — from security selection to hedging to macro understanding

Unio—from the Latin for ‘integrated’—is all about integrating these strengths. It’s not just the strengths. It’s the integration of those strengths that makes us different.