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505 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10022

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Unio Capital is an asset management firm—oriented to publicly-traded equities, global in scope, and equipped to manage hedged and long-only portfolios as funds and separately-managed accounts.


Culture & Principles

unio capital's aim is to grow capital and protect capital. In any context. Under all conditions. Reliably. Repeatably. By building unio around these principles we want to make a home for capital to grow and for our relationships with our clients to be long-lasting because they are rewarding.

Unio Capital is guided by core principles that inform our investment judgement, expectations of our employees, and relationships with our client-investors.

Investment Philosophy

At Unio Capital, our investment philosophy is driven by seven core principles:

  1. Separate money-making from risk-control
  2. Remember that equities co-exist in an ecosystem with cash, hard assets, and bonds
  3. Realize all long-term investments boil down to cash flows or cash values
  4. Invest in the best mosaic of cash flows and cash values wherever they can be found
  5. Understand and account for global and regional macro forces
  6. Protect capital relatively and absolutely
  7. Have core principles but avoid silo-thinking


Led by our founder, John Allison, Unio is run by three highly-experienced investment professionals, each with more than 30 years of experience, plus capable support staff. In all of our employees we look for five proven qualities:

  1. High integrity — both personal and professional
  2. High intelligence — including the ability to learn and adapt
  3. Good judgement in both investing and business
  4. A non-silo mindset
  5. An affinity for people and relationships

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Clients & Investors

Our relationships with our clients and investors rests on three key principles:

  1. Put yourself in the client-investor's shoes
  2. Deliver value in everything that you do
  3. Be partners with our client-investors