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Unio Capital is an asset management firm—oriented to publicly-traded equities, global in scope, and equipped to manage hedged and long-only portfolios as funds and separately-managed accounts.



Unio's blog covers the Unio team's views on topics ranging from investing to business to economics.  


What Bonds, M&A, and Individual Investors are Telling Us

John Allison

We at UNIO believe that what is driving M&A activity is not so much confidence in the future as much as concern that revenue and profit growth will be harder to come by.

Revenue growth will struggle precisely because the economic landscape will be slow. Profit growth will be grinding because—at 50-year highs in profit margins—it will take every ounce of extra revenue to bring extra growth to the bottom line. We think CEOs and boards sense this problem lies ahead.

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Broadband Buffett

John Allison

Either Warren Buffett is the great investment magician who has been breaking all his own rules left and right. Or he is something else. I think he is something else. I think Buffett is the ultimate broadband investor.

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Investment Discipline—Narrowband & Broadband

John Allison

Although I suspect you have never heard of investing described this way, one can categorize investors as being narrowband or broadband.

A deep-value investor who looks for investments that sell at 50% of their intrinsic value and sells them when they reach 100%, fits the description of a narrowband investor.

An investor who looks at multiple factors—perhaps including, but necessarily limited to, value—to make an investment purchase (and then at multiple factors to sell that investment) would better fit the description of a broadband investor.

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